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First images!

Thursday, October 8th, 2009

I’m very pleased to report that a few weeks ago we received nearly all of the digital images of the manuscripts we requested from the Wellcome Library.

You will be able to start appreciating the beauty of these artefacts in these small photos.


A manuscript is made up of a number of folios. A folio is a sheet of paper or other material that has writing and sometimes an illustration on each side of the sheet. Each folio bears the handwriting of a scribe who used ink to write by hand. Many of the folios are also painted in full colour.

Kālakācāryakathā © Wellcome Library, London

Kālakācāryakathā © Wellcome Library, London

For most of the manuscripts we’ll be displaying on the forthcoming full Jainpedia website, each page (one side of the sheet) has been photographed. Sometimes a manuscript will consist of only one or two folios, because of its age, its material or the conditions in which it was kept before being held in a professional curated environment. (more…)

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Welcome to the Jainpedia blog

Thursday, April 2nd, 2009

I am delighted to be writing this blog as it is the culmination of 6 years of effort for the Institute of Jainology (IoJ) on the Jainpedia project. As a small charity with a handful of trustees, this project is one of herculean proportions. However, from its very early origins, it became clear how important it was for the Jain tradition, especially in the UK.

The IoJ spent some 12 years in cataloguing the collection of Jain manuscripts in the British Library – a testament to the dedication of the scholars who worked on this task. The collection has many beautifully illustrated folios on paper, cloth and palm leaf and covers a diverse range of subjects related to Jain beliefs, tradition and practices. This makes it not only of importance to the Jain community, but also because it is a part of Britain’s imperial history and a constituent of modern, multicultural Britishness.


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