This blog offers updates on the progress of and events in the JAINpedia project.


JAINpedia project

JAINpedia is a five-year project to create an online, accessible resource for the Jain community and beyond. This will be a first for Jain heritage as there is no other online public resource that has worked with the key holders of Jain artefacts in the UK or worldwide.

There are four main parts to the JAINpedia project:

  1. a website called JAINpedia, which went live in beta status in December 2011
  2. static exhibitions at partner institutions and travelling exhibitions highlighting the project around the United Kingdom – on now!
  3. an online community resource for British Jains that revives the Jain Spirit magazine for the digital age, which is coming soon
  4. a dedicated website for schools and teachers leading lessons on Jainism, also nearing go-live date


Over five years JAINpedia is:

  • selectively digitising approximately 2000 pages of the manuscripts
  • providing access to the digital resource via a rich multimedia website, offering translations of the text and a wealth of contextual information about the Jain religion and its host society
  • delivering a dedicated educational interface designed for schools and learners
  • offering a programme of exhibitions and events based in the host repositories, Jain temples, schools, local museums and other cultural heritage facilities, all of which will be based on the website
  • arranging active outreach and supported-learning programmes delivered in schools and other locations throughout the UK.


Research concluded that the main beneficiaries of JAINpedia will be:

  • the Jain community in Britain
  • schools and students who study the plethora of religions in the multi-faith community that is Britain today
  • the general public of Britain who are interested in the wide range of cultures that make up Britishness in the 21st century
  • academics and manuscript scholars who study the manuscripts
  • visitors to the holding repositories of British Library, the Bodleian Library, Wellcome Trust library, Victoria & Albert Museum.


JAINpedia is funded by:

Technical research partner

Department of Digital Humanities, King’s College London

Partner institutions

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