IoJ Project, JAINpedia in the News!

The Sunday, Times of India published an article about JAINpedia on 12th October 2014. This is not the first the Times of India group has written about JAINpedia and the work of the Institute, and we are grateful for their exposure. We hope this encourages other publications to write about this valuable website.

The article talks about the collections of Jain manuscripts held in UK institutions, how some of them were obtained and their importance and relevance to the Jain community now. The value of JAINpedia lies in the fact that these manuscripts can be viewed in high resolution, almost as if they were in front of you, from anywhere in the world, and without risk of damaging any fragile ones. In addition the contextual information and the sister Learn Jainism site, complement and increase the utilization of the site.

It is interesting to note that the website has had over 2 million page views.

The site is a wealth of information and as the Times of India article mentions: ‘Forget Wikipedia. An online Jain encyclopedia will give you a crash course in the religion.’ There is no subscription cost to this wealth of information, it is accessible anytime and anywhere, all you need is an internet connection.

The site is a preservation of Jain culture and practices, a knowledge base for the community’s young and old alike. It answers the many ‘why’ questions of not only Jain practices but of life and our spiritual wellbeing.

JAINpedia is a resource referred to by the BBC, schools, and universities that teach Jaina studies, and scholars around the world. I hope the wider community see its benefits and utilize this exceptional work.

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