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Jains Gain Minority Status in India

Tuesday, January 28th, 2014

Some wonderful news in the New Year for the Jain community at large.

The Jains have become the sixth community to be granted ‘minority status’ at the federal level in India. The result will be the provision of protection and recourse mechanisms that all minorities should get. Some of the immediate benefits of obtaining this status are:

  • Temple & trusts will now be able to seek legal recourse and evict tenants that have been dwelling in their properties at very low rents for many years.
  • Government interference in institutions and trusts of the community will cease to exist;
  • And there will be 50 per cent reservation for Jain students in colleges run by the community.

The principle benefit of the minority status in India, will be that the government can no longer intervene in the daily function of running trusts and temples. These temples hold  enormous wealth, and the wealth can now be put to good use as per the community’s wishes.

Jain Temple in Ranakpur, India

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