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Royal Asiatic Society gems on JAINpedia now

Friday, December 20th, 2013

The Royal Asiatic Society (RAS), with funding from the Shraman foundation have added to the JAINpedia site with their own gems from their Jain collection. The 3 items are now live on JAINpedia and can be found easily from the newly published article written by the librarian of the RAS Kathy Lazenbatt.

The RAS is the oldest scholarly society focusing on the study of Asia in the UK. It was formed in 1823 by the famous Sanskrit scholar and Indologist, Henry Colebrooke and has a particularly strong collection of manuscripts and books from South Asia. It boasts some rare Jain works, with the key ones live on JAINpedia:

1) A meditation diagram , the Suri-mantra-pata, on cloth, dated from the mid-15th century, which is also one of our highlights on JAINpedia, as it is a rare type of yantra, used only by the highest-ranking Śvetāmbara monks.

sūri-mantra-paṭa Image by Royal Asiatic Society © Royal Asiatic Society

Image by Royal Asiatic Society © Royal Asiatic Society

2) A Jain map of the universe on cloth c. 1816, the adhai-dvipa presented to the RAS by Major-General William Miles on 17th June 1837. It had been given to him ‘by a Jain Priest of the Province of Marwar’.

3) A manuscript of the Kalpa-sutra, a very popular Svetambara scripture, which is a colourful early example from 1404 with exquisite coloured illustrations.

We’re delighted to be working with the RAS as a new partner organisation for JAINpedia and as always will continue to add to the site.

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