Join the treasure hunt in London on 10th July

The JAINpedia team and the  Institute of Jainology are holding a Cultural Treasure Hunt across the city of London on 10th July 2011, with clues released on JAINpedia Twitter and Facebook.
You will need cameras and smart phones for this mind-bending challenge, which will not only be a fun and mysterious day out in London, but an opportunity to see the city in a different light. With some exciting prizes at the end, this is an event not to be missed.

A limited number of groups with a maximum of 6 people in each group will be able to compete.

Enter your group into the Treasure Hunt by contacting the JAINpedia team NOW!

Email Bansri Mehta at and, if you’re quick enough to be one of the lucky teams, you will receive a set of requirements and instructions.

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